VELCRO® Brand RF/Heat/Solvent Activated Fasteners (0140)

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Color: Black and White

Width: 1"

Roll Size: 25 yard rolls

Price per yard

Activation Type: RF/Heat/Solvent (see below to learn more)

RF = To activate use radio frequency welding

Heat = To activate use heat gun or hot iron

Solvent = To activate use M.E.K. or acetone

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$1.60 / YD

These fasteners are ideal for applications or manufacturing environments where a permanent bond to the substrate is required. They are available both in a molded vinyl hook and knit loop that offers a low profile and low to medium cycle life or in the traditional woven hook 88 and loop 1000 that offers high cycle life.

Price per yard

Activation Type: RF/Heat/Solvent

RF = To activate use radio frequency welding

Heat= To activate use heat gun or hot iron

Solvent= To activate use M.E.K. or acetone

Solvent Activated Pre-Coat (40)

A non-tacky adhesive pre-coat applied to the back of VELCRO® Brand tapes. This product is recommended for applications where a more permanent bond is desired. This adhesive system is activated by MEK acetone, or MCL. This system can also be used with liquid adhesive or ultrasonically welded when porous substrates exist. Ultimate bond strength is achieved in 24 hours. The service temperature of this adhesive is -40° to 250° F.

Bonding Methods

If substrate is a non-porous smooth surface, apply the recommended solvent activator freely to the back of the pre-coated VELCRO® Brand tape with a brush or sponge applicator and allow the adhesive to become tacky (proper tackiness occurs when the adhesive clings to a finger placed on it.) When tacky, position the tape on a cleaned substrate using finger pressure to smooth tape (this is most important on edges and corners.) Follow a few minutes later with additional hand pressure to ensure a complete bond. Let dry overnight or speed up drying with a 140°F heat source. Please be sure to use appropriate safety precautions when using a solvent activator (i.e. proper ventilation,gloves,etc.)

Minimums may apply

Minimums may apply. Custom sizes and packaging are available.
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