SilverTape™ 5345

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The SilverTape™ products are double sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tapes, which are designed for a wide variety of materials with varying levels of surface energy. These superior high bond industrial strength tapes provide long term holding power and are suited for both interior or exterior applications. They are the perfect products to replace mechanical fasteners like rivets, screws, spot welds, and liquid adhesives.

SilverTape™ 5345 is designed for bonding materials with medium and high surface energy (Examples: glass, aluminum, ceramics, and various plastics – rigid PVC, ABS, nickel coated ABS, and polycarbonate). The 53 series has a high cohesion (high internal strength). They have excellent adhesion to many plastics such as soft PVC and polycarbonates.

Product Benefits:
-High impact resistance even at temperatures below 32°F (0°C)
-Forms an almost indestructible bond
-High initial tack and good plasticizer resistance
-Designed to absorb dynamic loads
-Closed cell structure is wind and water resistant
-May act as a sealant and forms a permanent tension free bond
-Resistant to UV, aging, softening agents, and solvents
-Suitable to bond many synthetic materials
Product Information:
-Minimum Temp. Range: -40 F
-Maximum Short Term Temp. Range: 320 F
-Maximum Long Term Temp. Range: 212 F
-Peel Adhesion: 23 lb/in (or 368 oz/in)
-Tensile Strength: 85 psi
-Thickness: 45 mil
   5345 - White only
-Coated Direct Foam
-This tape has a special coating to aid adhesion.
All tapes can be custom converted available upon request. (Minimum may apply)
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Minimums may apply. Custom sizes and packaging are available.
Please contact one of our sales representatives at 800-876-9922 if what you require is not available online. 


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