Any of our fasteners can be customized for your application. A sampling of our capabilities include:

  • Cut and mated VELCRO® or 3M™ Brand Fasteners save time and labor for assembly
  • Custom Die Cut pieces for your application
  • Slit to a customer’s defined specific width

Rotary Die Cutting

Our fully automated rotary cutting technology provides versatile machines that can kiss- cut mated or unmated materials. Custom dies can be developed to nearly any unique profile or shape.

Straight Cutting

We can straight cut individual or mated materials into pieces up to 120” long. One side can also be marked for identification or radio opaque threads can be inserted for X-Ray identification


We have the ability to slit and score/perforate or to wind any material we offer to meet your specific needs. Whether it be 1/2” or 6” material, we can convert our materials to meet your tolerances and needs.

Perforated Cutting

We have the technology available to perforate certain materials to meet a customer’s specifications. The benefit of perforating parts is that the material can be nearly cut through and then wound back up on a roll. When ready they can be dispensed as needed with just a small amount of force to break the pieces apart. Whether the materials are 1/2” or 6” wide we can perforate them to length and offer a more efficient solution for your organization.

Clicker Die Cutting

We offer customers the ability to Die Cut larger parts utilizing our clicker press. This versatile machine can cut both thick and thin materials such as laminates, hook & loop, or other flexible materials. This machine can cut a part up to a maximum size of 14” x 14”.

Hot Knife Cutting

We can cut webbing materials and seal the cut ends with our heat sealing technology. This process minimizes fraying and provides a finished appearance to your strap.

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