VELCRO® Brand Low Profile Circles On A Roll

Product Highlights

50% thinner than traditional hook & loop circles

Variety of sizes available

Rubber adhesive only

*Reminder you must have hook and loop to make the complete closure

Size Product Circles/Roll 1 RL 25 RL
1/2'' Hook (Hard Side) 1440 $23.50 $21.50
1/2'' Loop (Soft Side) 1440 $26.15 $25.35
5/8'' Hook (Hard Side) 1200 $29.00 $27.50
5/8'' Loop (Soft Side) 1200 $38.00 $36.80
3/4'' Hook (Hard Side) 1028 $29.00 $27.50
3/4'' Loop (Soft Side) 1028 $38.00 $36.80
7/8'' Hook (Hard Side) 900 $29.00 $27.50
7/8'' Loop (Soft Side) 900 $38.00 $36.80

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Price From: $23.50 / RL

VELCRO® Brand Low Profile Circles offer a thin profile eliminating bulkiness traditionally associated with woven hook and loop systems.  When mated together, this system offers a strong engagement and is 50% thinner than traditional hook and loop.  The rubber-based adhesive adheres well to plastic, wood, metal, poster board, cardboard, and more. Buying bulk quantities allows you adequate supply for larger projects or annual requirements at a cost savings.

Just Peel and Stick!

Size Options:

1/2"-1440 circles/roll

5/8"-1200 circles/roll

3/4"-1028 circles/roll

7/8"-900 circles/roll

Hook (hard side) circle colors: White, Black, and Clear

Loop (soft side) circle colors: White and Black

Minimums may apply. Custom sizes and packaging are available.
Please contact one of our sales representatives at 800-876-9922 if what you require is not available online. 

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