EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ Straps

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Product Highlights

Makes storage quick & easy

Simple wrapping and management of coiled materials

Grommet for hanging

Separate buckle for use with a handle or carabiner

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Price From: $0.95 / EA

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ Straps make storage quick and easy!  The strap is produced out of outdoor rated VELCRO® Brand polyester fasteners, allowing for simple wrapping and management of cables, hoses, or other coiled material. The strap contains a reinforced grommet for hanging materials and a separate buckle for attaching the EZ Wrap Handle, making transporting materials easy. Snap a strap to your tool belt or belt loop with our 60 mm carabiner* for hands-free carrying.

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ options:

A. EZ Wrap 'n Go™ Handle only

B. EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ - Large Strap, available in red only

C. EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ - Small Strap, available in red only

D. 60 mm Red Carabiner* only.
*Carabiner is not intended for weights greater than 30 lbs. and will not support the weight of a person. Carabiner is intended only for use with EZ Wrap system and not for any other purpose, including climbing or recreational purposes. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for use other than as intended.

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ System - Handle (A.) + 1 Large Strap (B.) + 1 Small Strap (C.)

Pack options:

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ - 3 Pk Large- 3 straps per package.

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ - 6 Pk Large - 6 straps per package.

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ - 3 Pk Small- 3 straps per package.

EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ - 6 Pk Small - 6 straps per package.


Minimums may apply. Custom sizes and packaging are available.
Please contact one of our sales representatives at 800-876-9922 if what you require is not available online. 

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