VELCRO® Brand Straps


VELCRO® Brand Mini Packs

197 Ind Str 15 90 76 coins 2
595 Ind Str 4 69 coins2

These VELCRO® Brand pre-cut pieces are ideal for small projects or just testing purposes. The mini packs allow you to purchase just the right amount.


Available Mini Packs:


  • VELCRO® Brand STICKY BACK® coins or squares
  • VELCRO® Brand STICKY BACK® strips & tapes
  • VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength tape & coins 
  • VELCRO® Brand Extreme strips & tapes


If what you require is not available online- please contact one of our sales representatives at (800) 876-9922 for assistance.

**Please Note: Minimum order is $50.00**


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