GLUE DOTS® Adhesive Products


GLUE DOTS® Adhesive Products

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Quick, Easy, Economical!


These pressure sensitive patterns of adhesive (also referred to as Adhesive Dots) offer a cost effective & safe alternative to hot glues, spray adhesive and other permenant fasteners. They are available in varying tack levels (from low to super high) and thicknesses.

      Glue Dots
    are perfect for:
  • Printing & Bindery
  • Packaging/Product Assembly
  • Direct Mail/Sales Promotion
  • Gift Baskets
  • Balloon Decorating
  • Scrap Books
  • Custom Products


Custom configurations are available - contact one of our specialists today at (800) 876-9922 to learn more.

**Please Note: Minimum order is $50.00**


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