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FASTENwrite Tabs & Straps

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VELCRO® Brand Straps with FASTENwrite Tabs are reusable, high strength cinching straps.  This combination of a strap and a FASTENwrite tab allow you to manage your materials inventory and identify them easily.    

**Patent Pending 



•VELCRO® Brand Cinch Strap with FASTENwrite Tabs

•VELCRO® Brand Elastic Loop Strap with FASTENwriteTabs

•FASTENwrite Tabs



All straps are produced In-house and can be customized to meet your specifications of length, width, color, printing, grommets, hook tips, buckles (plastic or metal) or packaging.


If what you require is not available online - please contact one of our sales representatives at  (800) 876-9922 for assistance.

**Please Note: Minimum order is $50.00**


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