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​Home Rentals for Beginners: Why 3M Products Are Great for Renters

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Home Rentals for Beginners: Why 3M Products Are Great for Renters

For many people, there’s nothing quite like shopping for home goods after you move into a new living space. A sense of excitement and possibility is in the air and the opportunities for decorating and furnishing your new space seem endless! All of a sudden, you really need four new lamps, a croquet set, and a whole window’s worth of succulents. Or, maybe shopping for new decorations isn’t your favorite. It might have been a stressful move or you’re just tired but, either way, you want to be done. No hassle, no fuss, no mess. Is that so much to ask?

Either way, there’s one quick shopping trip you can make that can save you incredible amounts of money, time, and effort—and you can actually do it online. 3M home adhesive fasteners are the savvy renter’s favorite way to decorate, organize, and customize your space, especially 3M Command Strips and Hooks. These awesome adhesive products can do everything from hanging pictures to wall-mounting kitchen supplies to creating DIY organizer systems. The best part? When you’re ready to take them down, they remove easily and cleanly, with no gunk left behind!

These cool and ultra-versatile adhesive products are now available with fast delivery and competitive prices straight from FASTENation, your one-stop shop for all your fastener needs. Here are some of our favorite ways to use these amazingly versatile products—but, first, a quick summary of how they work and what makes them special.

command 3m hang strip

Why Do Renters Love 3M Home Organizer Products?

For many renters, drilling and nailing hooks and other hardware into the walls is a sure-fire way to lose part of your security deposit. It can make it difficult to make your apartment fully your own because it limits what you can do in terms of wall hangings, curtains, and many other common home features. 3M’s home organizing solutions are the answer that’s affordable, adaptable, and low-maintenance. Command products, in particular, are an ideal home decorating and organizing solution because they’re:

  • Easy to apply
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to remove without leaving a mess behind
  • Available in many different styles and sizes

In general, the process for using Command products works like this:

  1. First, use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to gently clean the area where you want to hang something.
  2. Follow the directions on the package to remove the liners on the strips and form the adhesive bond. Some models will have color-coded liners that you should remove in order.
  3. Apply adhesive to whatever you’re hanging—usually either a wall hanging or a hook to hang other things on.
  4. Firmly press onto the wall and apply pressure for at least 30 seconds.
  5. For hooks, wait at least an hour before putting any weight on the item to give the adhesive time to build strength.

Check the specific directions before applying any Command product to your wall, as many models will have additional instructions you’ll need to follow. Remember to also check the weight limits of Command products to find out which one is right for the application you want.

Command products are easy to apply. However, the real magic happens when you take them off! Unlike most other adhesive wall fasteners you’ve probably used, Command Strips and hooks can be easily removed without damage to painted walls. They are not, however, intended for use on wallpaper, textured walls, brick, fabric, or paint less than 7 days old. The removal process is slightly different for every model, but the basic concept is this:

  • Don’t pull the strip toward you horizontally.
  • Do pull the strip downward gently for at least 15 seconds. The strip will separate and remove cleanly from the wall without leaving behind a tacky mess.

Command Strips are an ideal home organization solution because they have as many functions as your creative mind can come up with. We’ve assembled some of our favorites here for crafty folks everywhere.

For Your Kitchen

For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the biggest organizing challenges in any house. Unless you selected your new place specifically because it had your dream kitchen, there’s probably not quite enough room for everything, and several things probably aren’t where you wish they were. This can be especially true if someone in your home is an avid cook—creating an organizational structure that encourages culinary workflow and creativity is often difficult in the limited spaces many renters work with. So, try out a few of these options:

  • Tablet Stations: This one works in any room of the house, but it’s particularly great in the kitchen. Using medium Command Hooks, you can create a sturdy and secure wall mount for your tablet that’s perfect for quick recipe reference or for putting Seinfeld on while you cook.
  • Kitchen Tool Hooks: Command Hooks are perfect for giving yourself instant access to your full range of kitchen tools. Whether it’s measuring cups or colanders, you’re free to create your ideal kitchen flow and put everything right where you need it.
  • Pot Lid Organization: Tired of lids rattling around your cabinets and of never being able to find the one you need? Secure them to your cabinet door with Command Hooks!
  • Coffee Cup Hangers: Nothing starts a morning off right like having your favorite coffee cup exactly where it should be. A 3M Command hook will keep your mugs hanging right next to the coffee maker for the perfect wake-up cup.

For Your Living Room

For Your Living Room

The living room is probably where a lot of your decorative energy will go, but it’s important to consider the utilitarian angles here as well. Many people’s living rooms include entertainment devices like game consoles and TVs, and household electronics like routers and modems often end up here too. They’re also usually the main area of the house where people entertain friends and family.

With all these different purposes and energies converging in one room, you’ll need smart organization solutions. As you’re probably starting to see, 3M products, particularly Command Strips and Hooks, are really good at that:

  • Hanging Pictures: One of the most popular applications for Command Strips is quickly and securely attaching wall hangings. It’s easy to hang your favorite art, photographs, and more when you’ve got the simple power of Command Picture Hanging Strips.
  • Wall-Mount Your Router: It’s surprisingly easy to mount your router on your wall with just a few Command Hooks! Some people who have done this trick have said that it boosts their Wi-Fi range as well.
  • Cable Organization: The number of cables in today’s average entertainment center is enough to overwhelm even the most meticulous organizer. However, 3M Dual Lock Cable Hangers offer an easy alternative that can help you keep better track of your cables and access them more easily. They’re also great for hanging lights on a string!
  • Remote Control Organizer: Does your couch keep eating that tiny Roku remote? Keep all your device remotes in one place with a DIY remote control organizer! Get some 3M Reclosable Fasteners and attach one half of the fastener to the remote using the included peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Then, just attach the other half to a flat, sturdy surface—we recommend a plastic clipboard. Just remember to put the remote back on the board when you’re done!

For Your Bathroom

For Your Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is usually about maximizing utility, only you’re often working with an even smaller space. This is where the space-saving ability of Command Hooks really shines:

  • Towel Holders: Command Hooks are great for storing items like towels, robes, and other necessities. Even better, you won’t have to drill to add a towel rack or another wall-mounted apparatus. Choose a large hook size for this such as 3M Command Large Hooks. You can also create a DIY towel rack by placing a dowel rod across two of these!
  • Bathroom Cabinet Organization: Many times, particularly in small apartment bathrooms, you’ll be working with much less cabinet space than you need. Command Hooks can help you maximize what you’ve got by allowing the easy addition of caddies and organizers. They’re particularly good for organizing electric devices such as straighteners and curling irons.
  • Toothbrush Mounts: Now this is clever. Some crafty Pinterest users figured out that small Command Hooks work great as toothbrush holders!

For Your Bedroom

For Your Bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, you’re probably looking for a decorative scheme that fits your personality—and your stuff. Increasing your space utility will make it much easier to find that perfect personal vibe that you’re looking for. These projects use Command Strips and hooks to help give you all the room you need to spread out and be you:

  • Bedroom Door Hooks: The back of your bedroom door is an ideal organization spot for towels, coats, hats, glasses, sunglasses—almost anything you want! Forget drilling in a rack. Just use 3M Command Spring Clips or 3M Command Medium Hooks to hang your stuff!
  • Jewelry: With 3M Command Hooks, it’s easy to create a custom jewelry rack for your wall. Voila! All your favorite necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more are now instantly at your fingertips.
  • Curtains: Curtain rods are a pain to hang without drilling or hammering, so it’s Command Hooks to the rescue! You’ll probably want 3M Command Large Hooks, which hold five pounds each. Throw in an extra hook in the middle if you have heavy curtains that need more support.
  • Shoe Rack: If you’ve got more shoes than your closet has room for, Command Hooks can also create great shoe racks. Hang the shoes on the hooks directly or put a bar across some large Command Hooks for hanging heeled shoes.

For Your Home Office and Other Spaces

For Your Home Office and Other Spaces

This part will depend a lot on how your living arrangements are set up. If your living space is on the small side, you may be organizing for maximum efficiency, but if you’ve got a little more room to play with, you might be looking at some other cool projects to use your new space. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Mudrooms/Halls/Foyers: These are a great place for organizing keys, garage remotes, and other small essentials. A few Command Hooks by the door with labels will go a long way to making mornings less hectic.
  • Man Caves and Bonus Rooms: Thinking about adding a projector? Command Strips are great for adding a lightweight wall screen!
  • Home Office Whiteboard: Add a handy whiteboard to your home office wall with Command Strips.
  • Mail Baskets: Get your home inbox and outbox under control by creating your own DIY mail baskets! Command Wire Hooks are perfect for mounting small wire baskets to your wall, although these baskets shouldn’t be used for packages over the weight limit.

happy couple hanging picture on wall

There’s more—so much more! An incredible variety of projects is possible with Command Strips, Command Hooks, and other 3M home organization products. Plus, we haven’t even touched the possibilities for the office and other settings yet! The projects come as big or small as you can dream them.

So, go ahead. Take that awesome department store trip to deck out your new place. Take two, even! When you come home, you’ll have 3M’s best-in-class adhesive technology to help organize all your cool new stuff and create a space of your own. It’s the no-drill, no-mess home organization solution you’ve been dreaming about.

The easiest and quickest way to get 3M home adhesive products shipped to your door? Through FASTENation! We carry America’s largest range of high-quality fastener products from industry leaders like 3M. Save time and money ordering online and pick up an assortment of 3M organizer products for an y room in your home.

If you have questions about what products might be right for you, don’t worry. Our staff will be glad to help you out—just give us a call at 1 (800) 876-9922 or contact us online! We can’t wait to hear from you and start helping you develop your next amazing home project.

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