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February 2019

​Eliminate Damage to Cable Wires with VELCRO® Brand Tapes and Straps

February 13, 2019 22 Views No comments

If you’re an IT professional working on optimizing your organization’s data infrastructure, cabling is one area you should never neglect. Beyond the usual tasks like organizing and bundling, it’s also important to pay close attention to the physical state of your cables. An entire host of problems, from the annoying to the dangerous, can often be traced back to damaged cabling. What can you do to mitigate the chances of these issues occurring? In many cases, it’s easier than you’d think. Cable management solutions like VELCRO® Brand Tapes and Straps from FASTENation can help protect your cables from damage. In this article, we’ll show you how and why.

​7 Fun and Practical Ways to Implement VELCRO® Brand Circles

February 11, 2019 18 Views No comments

It’s time to get tiny. For over 20 years, FASTENation has supplied master-quality fasteners from the original creators of hook-and-loop technology: the never-duplicated VELCRO® Brand. Now we want to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite products from them: the small-but-mighty VELCRO® Brand Circles on a Roll. These circles provide the classic VELCRO® Brand grip strength, but their small size and low profile make them ideal for home, hobby, and office projects. We’ve put together some of our favorite ideas for them—read on for inspiration!

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