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​7 Fun and Practical Ways to Implement VELCRO® Brand Circles

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It’s time to get tiny. For over 20 years, FASTENation has supplied master-quality fasteners from the original creators of hook-and-loop technology: the never-duplicated VELCRO® Brand. Now we want to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite products from them: the small-but-mighty VELCRO® Brand Circles on a Roll. These circles provide the classic VELCRO® Brand grip strength, but their small size and low profile make them ideal for home, hobby, and office projects. We’ve put together some of our favorite ideas for them—read on for inspiration!

velcro brand circles

1. Organize and present professional materials.

A hook-and-loop fastener circle can be a great touch for professional materials such as presentation folders and sample cards. VELCRO® Brand Circles are unobtrusive but strong, providing just the right level of hold. It’s perfect to hold together a thick onboarding packet or add an interactive touch to a bulletin board. For these applications, consider the VELCRO® Brand Low Profiles Circles on a Roll.

2. Keep small tools organized and at the ready.

No matter your craft, one great way to keep yourself in your best workflow zone is to keep your tools laid out in a useful and easily accessible manner. Whether you’re a mechanic, woodworker, gardener, artist, or any other kind of craftsperson, these clever little circles can help.

For tougher applications like this, you’ll probably want the extra holding power of VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength Circles on a Roll. Just attach either the hooks or loops to the tool, then the other end to the workstation or wall. Make sure tools are returned to their dots at the end of the day; that way, you begin start every new day knowing exactly where all your materials are.

3. Quickly and easily hang teaching materials.

If you’re a teacher, chances are you already have your hands full at any given moment, which will probably mean a sigh of relief when you remember you’ve already equipped your wall and your display poster with VELCRO® Brand Circles, and it’s ready to hang! Change your decorations any time you want with the peel-and-stick power of VELCRO® Brand technology. They’re an easy and cost-effective classroom wall hanging solution, and best of all, they’re reusable!

4. Establish a safe spot for your keys, charger, or anything else easy to lose.

How many times have you been ready to dash out the door only to realize you have no idea where a key part of your life is? You’re not alone—many Americans spend 2.5 days every year looking for lost items! VELCRO® Brand Circles can provide a little organization to help you keep up.

It’s like the tool trick we discussed above. Add one side of the dot to a wall, usually near the door of your house or your room, and the other to your keychain or another item you lose regularly. Establish a new spot for that item where the circle is. When you go to put the item down somewhere else, the circle will remind you to put it where it goes. After a few tries, it’ll become second nature!

5. Keep pets from playing the “knock things over” game.

Why do they love to do it so much, anyway? While we may never know what a cat finds so satisfying about shoving a potted plant off an end table, we can take steps to keep it from happening. A VELCRO® Brand Circle will provide enough resistance to keep many objects in place. Even if they manage to separate the hook and loop, the extra resistance may save it from crashing to the floor. Due to the adhesive’s tacky nature, though, this may not be a good option for finished or painted surfaces.

cat with broken pot

6. Secure music gear during rehearsals and performances.

VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop tape is a classic tool of the working musician. For decades, musicians in all genres have used VELCRO® Brand products to secure effects pedals, keyboards, bass drum pedals, and more. Now, it’s easier than ever with VELCRO® Brand Circles on a Roll! Their unobtrusive profile is perfect for a crowded pedalboard or equipment rack, and they go on incredibly fast. Just peel, stick, and play.

7. Create craft projects at home or around the office.

The low profile and small size of VELCRO® Brand Circles on a Roll create numerous options for craft projects. Use them for a collage where elements can be repositioned or removed, or create a cool shape toy for a younger kid. It’s also good for more practical crafts such as community bulletin boards for a school, office, or religious institution.

velcro brand circles strip

VELCRO® Brand Circles on a Roll offer the classic hook-and-loop hold in a small and convenient package. Got some ideas for what you can do with them already? Use our easy online ordering process, making sure to order both hooks and loops, or call FASTENation at 1(800) 876-9922!

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