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What's the difference between the hook & loop tape?

The hook side is the rough or hard side and is often referred to as the "male", "hard", or "bristly" side.  The loop side is the soft or fuzzy side and often referred to as the "female", "plush", or "pile" side.  Although there are many types of hook & loop tapes, the end use of the product will help determine which fastener is best for your project needs.  Give us a call and our experts we will be happy to assist you.

How do we order VELCRO® Brand Fasteners?

Hook and loop fasteners are sold on separate rolls, each with 25 yards. Pricing in our sales brochure is per yard. If your project calls for only hook or loop it can be purchased separately.  Hook and loop is also available as pre-cut coins/circles.  Hook or loop coins are sold on separate rolls and are available in a variety of diameters and adhesives.

Diameter / Size Quantity Per Roll
3/8" 1800
1/2" 1440
5/8" 1200
3/4" 1028
7/8" 900
1 3/8" 600
1 7/8" 450

What if my project calls for a specific size of hook or loop?

FASTENation, Inc. will be happy to cut any width material to your exact measurements. If the hook & loop materials are to be cut to the same size, we can cut and mate the two together to assist in decreasing assembly time. The yield for cut pieces is equivalent to a full roll of material (25 yds = 900 inches) divided by the length you specify (for standard straight cut pieces only). We are able to custom die cut special shapes and/or sizes to your exact specifications.

How do we decide which adhesive will work best for our project?

Pressure Sensitive (peel & stick) material is available with many different adhesives. Here's a quick summary of VELCRO® Brand adhesives: 0172 Adhesive is an acrylic based adhesive that works well with most substrates (surfaces).  It reaches its full bonding strength (curing time) 24 hours after it has been applied. 0115 Adhesive is a rubber based adhesive that is recommended when polyethylene or polypropylene is the substrate material the hook or loop tape is being applied to. It offers a high initial tack and relatively quick cure time. It reaches 80% of its strength after 1 hour, and full curing occurs after 24 hours. There is also a special adhesive known as 0175 that is specially formulated for a vinyl substrate. An adhesive guide and substrate list can be found on page 16-22 of our product catalog. Certain VELCRO® Brand products are only available with a specific adhesive. We will be happy to give a more detailed explanation about any of these adhesives.

Are there standard size straps or can I order the exact size I need?

Yes & Yes! VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® straps are available in 8 colors and 8 sizes.VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® material is a "back-to-back" material, meaning it has hook on one side and loop on the other so that it wraps back onto itself. This material is also available as a tape (25 yards/roll) or it can be ordered perforated on a roll.

Custom straps are available using standard hook & loop material that is then ultrasonically welded to create a variety of styles. These straps can be custom made to your exact requirements. Some of the options available are: length, width, plastic, or metal buckles, printing, grommets along with other special features. We will gladly send you a free strap sample kit to assist you in determining exactly what you need.

How quickly will a quotation request be answered?

Quotes for custom cut pieces or straps are answered within an hour or two from when it is received. If there are any questions about a quotation request, a customer sales representative will contact you to clarify the details.

How quickly will my order be shipped?

FASTENation, Inc. carries the largest nationwide inventory of fasteners so most orders are shipped out on the day that they are ordered. Custom cut or cut & mated pieces are usually shipped out within a day or two of being received.  We will be happy to send a partial shipment to assist you for very large orders. Custom strap orders are shipped out on a timely basis determined by the components and quantities needed (an exact shipment schedule will be given with each quote for straps).

How do I choose the correct hook and loop for my application?

FASTENation, Inc., offers many different closure (hook and loop) combinations. It is best to contact our customer sales representatives to explain your application, including any specific performance criteria - peel, shear, or cycle life (the number of openings or closings required) and they will either immediately recommend several combinations that may meet your applications needs or inquire with our engineering staff on possible solutions.

An important reminder is to always test the recommendations in the application to determine if they meet the applications needs prior to purchasing and manufacturing.

How wide can hook and loop be manufactured?

The products FASTENation, Inc. offers can be manufactured in the following widths:

Woven hook and loop with or without adhesive up to 6" wide,  VELCRO® Brand Molded HTH hooks up to 12" wide,  VELTEX® Brand Display loops 60" wide Hook Compatible Knitted Fabrics 60" wide

Can hook and loop be washed?

Hook and loop can be machine washed or dry cleaned. Machine washing in hot water or bleach is not recommended. It is important to always remember to engage (or close) the fastening system prior to washing.

Are certain hook and loop products better for outdoor use than others?

Yes, FASTENation, Inc. offers VELCRO® Brand fasteners that are manufactured out of polyester. These fasteners have been proven to be more durable to external elements.

How do I remove adhesive residue on a surface?

The best method to remove any adhesive residue is to use either a citrus based cleaner or rubbing alcohol. It is recommended that you read the cleaner's instructions carefully first and test the surface with the cleaners or alcohol to determine its effects on the surface before use.

Are certain VELCRO® Brand fasteners stretchable?

Yes, FASTENation, Inc. offers the following elastic loops; VELSTRETCH® and VELCRO® Brand Loop 152.

VELSTRETCH® is available in the following sizes: 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" & 2". This loop offers an elongation of 55% (elongation is the % of stretch the product will achieve over its non-stretched length). This elastic loop can be found throughout all industries requiring an elastic loop product. For the medical products industry, it offers a soft woven edge to minimize abrasions and maximized comfort.

VELCRO® Brand Loop 152 is available in the following sizes: 1", 1 1/2" & 2". This loop offers an elongation of at least 90% (elongation is the % of stretch the product will achieve over its non-stretched length). This elastic loop is predominantly used in the medical products industry, it offers a lower cost knitted elastic loop to VELSTRETCH®.

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